Jul 22, 2017

I did it!

 For the last who-knows-how-long, I have let my Etsy store languish with very very few new listings.  It basically served as a shop for my patterns, and the occasional custom ordered Izannah.  I took all my dolls to the doll show, and that was pretty much it.

When I was an Air Force instructor, I used to tell my airmen: if you don't use the tools you have, then you might as well be sweeping the floor with your hands, while the broom is propped in the corner.

That's what I was doing.  Sweeping the floor with my hands.  But no longer.  I have listed them all on Etsy, and posted them on my Pinterest boards.  I'm sorry these aren't new to you guys--they've all been posted here at some time, but I never took the time to put them IN MY STORE.  Well, now I have listed them.  Woohooo!

Now to get started on dolls for the October doll show, and work on that Cherub Christmas Ornament commission.  Busy times. 


  1. Jan... I've been out-of-the-loop here far too long! Upon stopping by... I thought to myself: "I have the wrong site, this isn't Jan's blog!" Well, it is! Nicely done... fresh and inviting.

  2. They are all beautiful......good for you! So smart to follow you own advice girl.

  3. Good job on your sites. All the dolls in your etsy store are wonderful. It takes alot to put things on for sale. Lots of computer time, after you have made the dolls. I admire your energy and enterprise. I am sure you will do well.


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