Jul 21, 2017

Sybil is ready.

The Izannah doll I've been working on over the last several weeks 
(thank you for your patience, Carolyn!) is ready to go to her Doll Mom.  

She's 18", with blue eyes and brownish/reddish hair.  I like this one and enjoyed sculpting her a lot.  The request was for an "almost smile" the way some Izannahs have.  She does look like she's about to smile.  The kicker was that she also got an entire wardrobe--a dress for each season!  I have never sewed so much for one doll, ever!  Top it off with a neutral colored bonnet, and she's ready for anything. 

I drafted a couple of dress patterns for Sybil, and stored them away--with notations this time, so the pattern drawer is not such a mess. 

Hope your weekend will be fabulous!


  1. Carolyn is a beautiful girl with an amazing wardrobe. I'm sure she will be loved in her new home.

  2. She is very sweet. It is wonderful to get a wardrobe with the dolls. I like to change the clothes on the dolls. Whenever I get a new doll of some kind. The first thing I do is take the clothes off and examine the doll. Except for a new doll ( like the one you made me ) I like to wash the clothes and play around with the doll some. Usually they don't get their clothes back for awhile as I might give them something different to put on. My adult version of playing with the dolls. The lady who is getting her will enjoy being able to change the clothes or even adding to her wardrobe.

  3. Sybil is about to smile! And, no wonder, with FOUR new dresses! I just know I would never be able to sew so much for one doll! I like the brown best of all, of course! She's a fine piece of work, Jan!

  4. Hi Jan, it's me Carolyn. Thank you so much for making my dream doll! She is so special to me. I'm so happy to have her. Her dresses are as beautiful as she is! I have a blog too, but have sadly neglected it for a long time. I feel like I need to start over. Blessings to you!

    1. No need to start over on your blog, just start writing! I plan to start a silliness I'm going to start a weekly thing, just to get myself back in the habit of writing. Cheers, and I'm glad you found the blog here--I have yours now, too. :~)


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