Jul 5, 2017

Summertime Blues

Some of it is fun work, but mostly, just work.  House, yard, pets, etc.  Everybody knows the drill.

I have two big commissions to work on, which is awesome, but I must confess that at this point in the summer, even the fun stuff becomes work. 

Can you tell I'm not a huge fan of summer?  I love all the flowers blooming, but I'm only out there long enough to water the flower beds before I'm headed in.  Too bad gardens don't grow in the winter.  I could be out there all day and love it.  Ha!  The dog gets his walk between 5:30 and 6:30 so we're out and back before the street is too hot for his feet. 

At any rate, it's not smart to whine, nor is it fun for anybody else.  So I'll stop and just say I hope y'all had a lovely Independence Day and got to enjoy some down time and family time. 

Be well, y'all.  And God Bless America! 


  1. Summer does have a way of wearing on one, for sure. As for us, we are still in a mowing frenzy... lawns, fields, and meadows. But, we are not complaining! We can do without the brain scorching and feet blistering kind of days you are enduring. Hopefully, a break will come your way soon...

  2. Sweet photo. I sure hope you've had some rain and I'm glad you survived the fires. I agree, I don't like the smothering heat of summer, but so far Missouri hasn't had the blistering temps.

  3. It is very hot here. We have had tons of rain though. A huge oak tree ( it was old ) fell due to soggy ground and age. We are going to have to hire people to come remove it. It didn't hit the house or septic tank though. Great about your doll commissions. It pushes you to be making special things for people, but it is good to have the work and it also inspires you to try to outdo yourself with each new doll. We mowed grass on the 4th of July. HaHa But I still enjoyed the day.

  4. Yep, I know the drill but I'd rather be outside than inside, especially during the summer months.

    I admire you for taking on commissions. The joy seems to go out the door when I have an assignment....so no commissions for me.


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