Aug 4, 2017

Progress Derailed (or Mundane Life Asserts Itself)

For some reason--and if you make things, you know exactly how fickle the Creative Muse can be--I have really had a productive streak for several weeks.  I have dolls in the works, I'm finding certain elusive traits as I work on them, and I'm totally jazzed about upcoming ideas. 

And then--stop!  Not because the Muse has clammed up.  No.  In fact, she's yammering away in the back of my head, "Oh, you really need to get back in much to do."

I'm stopping because I need to clean this house!  My housework, much like my creativity, tends to ebb and flow.  Only with housework, I confess there is much more ebb than flow.  I read a funny on somebody's FB page:

Yep.  Only only that whole "every week" thing is kinda funny.  So, ten minutes?  More like two days.  Horrible, I know.  The spousal unit definitely had to lower his standards when we married.  I tend to the basics--the bathrooms and kitchen are clean--well, they're not health hazards.  But the rest?  That's not clutter--that's my Sewing End Table.  That's not dust, that's a protective covering for...everything.

We seldom have company, which is how I end up letting it get this way.  I would LOVE to have more company, but it just doesn't happen often.  Brother and Sister-in-law are coming up this weekend and I am tickled silly--they're fun people.  But you know...the house. 

So that's the end of my rant-whine, because adulting is hard and waaah! 

I do have two dolls ready to list--no, wait, one is already listed, but anyway:



Hope your weekend is WONDERFUL, and that it includes very little housework.  Or a lot, if you like that kind of thing. 


  1. I am mostly a neat freak but every now and then, I just take a break from some of the house work. Some things can't be ignored because they just get worse if you skip a few days. But it's nice to just "be" and enjoy doing almost nothing for awhile. :o)

    1. I wish I was a neat freak--and I'd bet my husband does too. I can be extremely particular once I DO get cleaning, but I don't have a problem letting it go...for absurd lengths of time.

  2. Yes, having to stop the productive streak to clean house is rather annoying. At least you have a good reason to spruce up the!

    1. You are right--I love to visit with these people, and we don't get to see them but a few times a year.

  3. I understand how you feel about cleaning house. It is aggravating to have to stop on the dolls to do other things, but necessary. We always have to clean alot before somebody comes to see us. and we have to stop and clean when things get to bad. I actually like to clean up sometimes, but I'd rather be going to town or working on my dolls. Enjoy your company and your clean house.


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