Aug 22, 2017


That's what I call the little folk art characters--smalls.  They don't require sewing, and don't require wig-making, which cuts WAY down on the time it takes to make them.

 A couple of weeks ago, I got sketching and came up with seven little characters to make, and got busy.  (I had a minor surgery in between then and now, so its' not like it took a whole couple of weeks.) 

So this is a photo-heavy post, and I'm not sure I'm sorry about that.  Ha!  Little Frankenstein and his Mummy have already sold, but the rest are in my Etsy store.  Hope your week is amazing!


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    1. Thank you. :~) I'm working on another batch--it's a lot of fun!

  2. Oh Dear Talented-One, I surely think you could make a living (and a name for yourself) crafting your Oh-So-Creative "Smalls." I love them all!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Mary. I'm pretty sure I won't be making a living at it any time soon (it takes a LOT of smalls to pay the mortgage), but I wouldn't mind developing enough of a style in them to become recognizable. :~P

  3. They are all really cute! :o)

  4. super cute little dolls. I love Frankenstein and Dracula and the witch of course. they couldn't be cuter.


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