Sep 17, 2017

Busy times!

I got a new commission for a cat doll, based on one I did years and years ago (I think the Universe is telling me to revisit what inspired me in the beginning!).  I'll be finishing her this week, and will have photos.  The cat that inspired the commission is here--only the new one will have a tutu and ballet slippers.

This little witch doll sold this weekend and will be on her way to Ohio--she's been hoping to have a new home by Halloween, and it looks like she'll have one.  Once I finish the new kitty and get her on her way, then I'll get busy with my set up for the upcoming doll show down in Phoenix.

In the mean time, I finished this little guy.  Something about that face just kills me.  He's only seven inches tall, but he seems to have a big presence.

Hope y'all's week is fabulous. 


  1. I like all three of your dolls here. So creative and have so much personality to each one. I sure would love to see all the dolls you are making for your show. I always wish you great success, and enjoyment at the show too.

  2. All are very cute! That last one reminds me of the moon! So cute! :o)

  3. Your small figures remind of somewhat of Debbee Thibault's, which I so admire. The last little guy has a great face. I think I should keep him near just to make me feel happy! I'm with Martha...would love to see all of your dolls you are making for the show. Best wishes!

  4. I love your whimsical characters and wonder where in your creative mind do they come from. I think you must be a happy soul and have a witty sense of humor. I too would love to see all the dolls you are taking to Phoenix.

  5. It's nice to see your early inspirations. You have such a unique and varied styled that gives your characters charm and personality. Love that candlestick witch, nicely done.


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