Oct 29, 2017

Operation Tidy O'Studio and some works in progress...

Those of you on FB have already seen these, but I thought to share it here.  I got three days to totally overhaul my studio--and will be selling mucho doll supplies on Ebay over the next months. 

The trick now is to keep it clean, and I think some of my changes in there will help.  Every time I rework everything, I get a little closer to refining a system that makes it easy to keep it tidy--the tools I use constantly are stored within reach of my chair, so I have only to tidy it up before I even get up.  So far I've had the room a week and it's still spotless.  This might well be a record.  (Try not to laugh.)

The week wouldn't be so impressive if I weren't working in there daily, but I have been.  I have four pieces in the works--two are a pair and will be dressed in patriotic colors, one is for spring, and the last is for an "aquatic theme" challenge in a magazine.  I gotta say, it's nice to go in, sit down, and begin work right away, without having to scrape aside bottles of paint, root through piles of tools and brushes for "that one" and work on a tray on my lap because there is no room to work on the actual work surface!  Maybe it'll actually take this time.  Maybe, at the young age of 54, I will finally learn a lesson I should have learned in fourth grade.  Ha!

Hope everyone has a fun Halloween!


  1. Good job, Jan! As my mom used to say, "A place for everything and everything in its place." Last year when I wasn't doing so well health-wise and thought I'd probably never make another doll, I discarded a lot of things in my sewing room. There have been a few things I would like to have back, but most things have never been missed. As always, I admire your work and enjoy seeing what's new in your studio.

  2. Your studio looks great and is well supplied. It sure is a cheerful sunny place to work. Lots of light is a great help to you, as I have no big windows right next to any working space, that always was sort of a problem when I was painting. I hope you can keep it in place so you can make lots of dolls. I like the new dolls you are making, I did see them on facebook,they will be really cute.

  3. I'm in awe of your studio. You've done an amazing job organizing everything. I've organized and re-organized and still work on a small tray on my lap!
    I think being organized does help one to get more accomplished and it looks like you're doing great work with those dolls that are in progress.

  4. Your studio looks wonderful! I hope you can keep it up, especially if it helps you do your art. Maybe set a small block of time each week to tidy up, when necessary? :o)

    1. Oh no--I find I have to end each day with it clean, or it builds up til it's overwhelming. But that simple routine of putting away tape, scissors, clay, brushes, sculpting tools at the end of the day...it's become a calming and lovely thing. Who knew?

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