Mar 7, 2018

So many new things in the shop!

It's Wednesday.  Groceries, working in the yard, and Cheeseburger Pie for supper. 

But at least I don't have to mess with making listings today!  I don't know why that chore pokes at me so bad, but it does.  It's a helluva lot more fun to MAKE the art than it is to list it.  Some of the listings I made a while back, but never did anything else with them. These are in the store now. 

It's almost spring--even here in the desert--so the irises will be blooming in a month or so.  Time to feed them and feed and prune the roses.  This is the first year I've put a "Red, White, and Blue" bed out front along the street.  Interesting to see if enough are blooming at the same time to get the effect I'm after.  :~)  I try to live in the season I'm in, but dang, I am sooooo ready for Spring.  And we don't even have hard winters here!


I mentioned a post ago about a crazy quilting class I went to, the one where I was bitten by yet another art bug?  The block in the top photo  below is one I made before the class--my first block--so I'd know what questions to ask.  You know how you just never know what to ask if you've never tried to do something?  So I wanted to know where the hard parts were to ask about.  Well, the ladies there liked it so much they wanted me to post it on a Crazy Quilt site on Facebook.  I did so, and the editor of Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine asked if she could put it in the summer issue!  Cool beans!  So it'll be there, along with a couple of my folk art pieces. Baby steps, baby.

The bottom photo is of two blocks I made in the class itself, and I have patches for two more just like them, which will all go on a big black tote-bag to carry a cutting mat and supplies to classes & stitching meets. 

Now I'm designing small crazy quilt projects, along with getting more things listed on Ebay and Etsy.  If you know anyone who needs doll wigs or eyeballs, there are some big lots on Ebay right about now.  I have to make some room!  :~P

Hope your Hump Day is spectacular, and your weekend even more so. 


  1. Wow, congrats on your first block being so wonderful and making everyone want to show it to others! AND being in another publication! WooHoo! I believe you can do anything your heart desires. I also do not like listing things for sale, but I love it when I earn a little cash. :o)

  2. wonderful to have something put into a magazine. the quilt blocks are all so pretty and bright. Working on the computer is hard for me, because I have no interest in that. Like you, I just want to work on my dolls or clothes or whatever I'm doing. I have to make my husband do all that for me, but he doesn't have time now, so I go without a selling site. I will look at your etsy site to see your new things. I still want to make clothes for my newest Izannah you made me and the tiny doll I call Cinderella that has yellow hair that you sent me too. enjoyed your post and look forward to seeing your quilting pieces.

  3. I'm happy to see that you are doing quite well with your etsy shop. And, congrats on the publication of your oh-so-lovely crazy quilt block. I'm sure you are going to enoy working in the iris beds (something I sometimes detested before we moved away and left them behind).


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