Apr 13, 2018

The newest member of our family...

I got a big curly hair up my nose to adopt a cat.  The primary reason (at least as I tell it) is because our cat Willie hates to travel to Phoenix on the occasional times we overnight down there.  She has adjusted to the people we visit--Phil's parents--and loves them once she's down there a bit and settles in.  But the travel itself is a pure terror for her, and causes so much stress.

So I figure if she has company at home, I can leave her here for an overnight, and there will be less stress.  To that end (and honestly, because I wanted another cat), I went looking. 

There's a place near us in town called "The Catty Shack" where rescue cats are housed, awaiting adoption.  A whole house just for cats!  It was a interesting visit, with maybe 20 or 25 cats twining around, climbing on carpeted shelves, and playing with the volunteers.  Some cats were friendly, some were way not friendly (scared), and one or two played so roughly that I left the place bleeding and covered in cat hair.  While I did find a little cat I thought was beautiful and was considering, she was too frightened and shy to actually let me pet her.  There were none that I really felt was "the one". 

So I stopped by PetsMart on the way home to get supplies, and looked at their adoption area.  Three cats in cages, brought to them by Yavapai Humane Society.  So they let me go in, and out came the cats.  There was a small buff-colored tabby with golden eyes who jumped right into my lap, curled up, and began purring his little furry fanny off. 

This was The One.  His name is Tater.  Phil has dubbed him "Tater Tot".  He's almost fearless!  So open and approachable.  Just over a year old but still very much a kitten.  Small--only 8.6 lbs to Willie's tubby 14 lbs. 

We're in the process of introducing him slowly to the house.  Slowly not because he's afraid--he hasn't a shy bone in his body--but because Willie is just not sure she wants a little brother around.  Schultz is good with the new guy.  Maybe a little too eager to smell him and check him out, but not aggressive at all.  

It will take time, but I'm betting one of these days, I'll be able to post a photo of Willie and Tater curled up together on the chair the way she and Schultz do. 

Hope your weekend is wonderful! 


  1. I am glad you got another cat. the animals seem happier with friends around, even if they aren't super close. they will tolerate them and even miss them if they are gone.We have two dogs and the little one fruity, doesn't like any body. not people or pets, only mama and daddy. He tolerates the other animals though and they make it pretty good together. Fruity is 6 pounds and the cats are lots bigger then him. He is still king, but they pretty much ignore him. Having another cat while you are away will help both cats and make you feel better too. Tater is lucky as are your other pets to have a good home and people to love them. We love all of our dogs and cats too.

  2. Congrats! I read about Tater on FB but didn't realize you had blogged about him. Orange kitties are my favorite! :o)

  3. He's a beaut and I love his name. Suits him.

  4. Though no cat was found at the "Catty Shack", it sounds like an interesting place. Glad you found the golden tabby. He's beautiful and I love that clever name "tater".
    That's the same way we received our second cat, by wanting the other to have company while we were away. It's a good idea.
    Too bad Willie no longer travels but now he has company.


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