Jun 1, 2018

Pattern ready to publish, and other news.

Naw, just kidding.  I don't have any other news.  But thanks to a friend nagging me (because she wants to make the pattern) I have finally gotten the Spring Wall Hanging pattern ready to go in my shop--with one exception.  I need to get a good photo of it, with good lighting, for the front cover.  Mary--I could use your photography skills at this point!  It's odd, maybe because the thing is so big and I'm used to small subjects. 

So Maybe I'll hang it outside with the golf course as the backdrop--before the day's wind kicks up.  (We can't even grill after around 9 am, because by then, the seasonal winds get going and you'll have a grease fire on your hands.)  I have a sort of double-tripod backdrop frame thing...maybe I'll use that.  But one way or another, I'll list it Monday in my Etsy store, and then get busy on Summer.  I've long finished the hanging, and I was smarter about the process of making pattern pages as I went along, but it's in no way ready to "print". 

And it's time to cut out the wool for the Autumn hanging, and get stitching on that.  Funny how working with wool (and hand quilting a small blanket on your lap) loses its appeal now that summer is on us, but maybe I'll live through it.  Ha! 

To be honest, it seems lately I've taken a break from all things shop-related.  I have played with crazy quilting--just things I want for my house--and I have totally ignored working on anything for sale or for the selling patterns.  My personal vacation?  Maybe so. 

But it is time to get back to it, and last weekend, the husband helped me a lot by lowering the surface of my work table about five inches.  When I designed it, I set it too high--all so I could get some premade shelf units under the edges!  But it was awful to sew on, even with an office chair raised all the way up.  Now it's perfect, and I have totally reorganized my room with the textile arts as the focus.  Of course paints are still out, and I can sculpt with very little preparation, but I have two sewing machines and a serger taking up the majority of the work table now. 

I don't have any good photos of projects I've been working on, so I will leave you with a few of The Tater Tot in his natural habitat.  Have a great weekend!

This is looking down the back of Barney, our big purple recliner.

He claimed a spot under the serger table.

Not sure if he's hailing a cab, or what.  He sleeps on the dog's bed-spot during the day.

Willie is never happy when Tater wants to share space.  And Tater remains oblivious.

A nap in the office basket while dad works.
I just realized, looking at these, that one would get the idea Tater is always sleeping.  He does sleep hard, and for long periods of time.  But several times a day (and night) and for hours each time, he goes crazy.  He does this impression of John Belushi, you know, the one in Animal House where Bluto jumps around spastic and wide eyed, like a Bluto-Ninja?  Yeah, that's Tater, ready for anything.


  1. Love the pictures of your pets. We have cats too. We have a mama cat named tiger. She is grey striped. I have to put things up in a bowl while she is in the house. She gets everything and I have to search forever to find my stuff. I will have to go to your etsy shop and see your pattern. I'm glad you are enjoying making things for yourself too. Summer is here for sure. Hot down here and work is going slow. Still am able to make a few dolls and working on a limited edition Izannah. I will post pictures and details on my blog, just for fun. Glad to hear all you are doing and hope to see pictures of some of the things you are making for your house too.

  2. Nothing wrong with taking a break, I'm with you on that one. I've been on a personal vacation for the past month. From the looks of it, Tater's enjoying break time too! Anyways, I'm sure you'll manage to get the photo needed for the quilt pattern.

  3. Tater Tot looks so relaxed. LOL! Glad your work table has been adjusted to be a better fit for you. Looking forward to seeing whatever you may be working on. It sounds like you are doing things you enjoy and that's always fun and important. Making things for yourself is great. :o)

  4. Ha, on photography skills! There's a lot of difference in photographing a detailed pattern and of good dog Millie! It seems you have done a great job with the sweet kitties! I am also looking forward to seeing your pattern! You definitely have talent and the work ethics to go with it! Take care...


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