Jun 19, 2018

They're here!

Well, not here, here, but in my Etsy shop.  Three patterns, I've been monkeying around with two of them for half a year almost.  :)

This one above is a punch needle pattern I drew, with the finished work being just a little over 4.5" x 6", in Valdani Perle Cotton.  I like punch needle because it's satisfying to see the pattern finally begin to pack in and look like something besides a hairy mess--which is all it looks like 'til half done at least!  But once finished, it's inviting to the touch and the colors seem deeper than in wool applique, especially if I've used variegated threads. 

But I do love the wool applique!  The quilt is soft with the mix of textures, and lots of stitching detail, and I love hand quilting!  These below are Spring and Summer of my wall quilt series--I'm working on Autumn in the evenings now.  But these are ready and in the shop.  I am enjoying having them on my wall just as much as I'd always suspected I would. 

Hope your week is going well! 


  1. Your talents and hard work always amaze me. I am trying to imagine these pieces in soft wools...just wonderful, Jan. If only I dared to delve into something new...

  2. these are all so pretty. Love them. Love the chicken and rabbit most, but love everything. I am sure you will have lots of people who want to make some of these wall hangings and rug hooking too. I wish I could divert into some textile things, but just no time right now. So much I would love to learn how to do. Your work is wonderful and so colorful. I know you will enjoy these.

  3. So glad to see you've created these wonderful patterns. Very nice Jan. I'll have to give punch needle a try one day.

  4. They are all so pretty! I like punch needle too, but rarely have time to do much of it. And so many things make my hands ache nowadays. I think I have worn them out over the years. Congrats on getting your patterns finished and in your Etsy shop. I love the plaque you mounted your punch needle piece on. :o)

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